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Youth Girls Super Sunday returns bigger and better

Thursday, August 13, 2015 - 9:47 AM

Following succes in 2014, the West Australian Football Commission has confirmed that the Youth Girls Super Sunday will return in 2015 on August 16 at Steel Blue Oval, Bassendean.

The Youth Girls Super Sunday involves all WAFC Rogers Cup Youth Girls games being played at the one venue in a carnival style format. 

This year it will also include a Butler Falcons match; the Butler Falcons being a Multicultural Team showcasing that football is for everyone.

Games Schedule:
10:00am – Swan Districts v Perth Angels
11:30am – Coolbinia/Ellenbrook v Peel Thunderbirds
1:00pm – East Fremantle v Claremont
2:30pm – Coastal Titans v Joondalup
4:00pm – Butler Falcons v South Fremantle

WAFC Female Football Coordinator Allana Dickie said there is no better time to get down and support Female Football.

 “This is the last game of the year for the Youth Girls it is a great way to celebrate the season, we encourage everyone to come down and get behind the day, it was a real hit last year,” she said.

The day will be full of activities and bigger and better than last year with the inclusion of a photo booth and the WAFC inflatables run by the WAFC Female Ambassadors at their first official appearance.

The event will also coincide with the televised AFL Women’s Match, which will be shown on TVs in the clubrooms up-stairs. For those that can’t make it down to Steel Blue Oval then tune into 7mate from 10:30am to watch the game.

Dickie said she encouraged everyone to check out the contest in what was a huge step forward for women's football. 

"These are the best AFL Women’s Players in the Country so if you haven’t watched any women’s football you’ll be amazed at the level of skill of these athletes.

"There is plenty for the family so come down meet the WAFC Female Ambassadors, join in the fun and support Female Football," she said.

 For all activities happening on the day follow the Female Football social media

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: femalefootywa



#Followourdream #SuperSunday

AFL Multicultural Round

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 - 3:03 PM - by Bella Ndayikeze

Australian Football has the extraordinary power to bring people together regardless of background. Everything’s possible when we unite through the love of the game.

This Toyota AFL Multicultural Round, we celebrate the many wonderful cultures who all share a common passion for footy and that no matter who you are or where you come from, AFL is a sport that embraces everyone willing to get involved and have a good time.

We highlight the contribution multicultural communities have made to the game’s history and welcome new communities to embrace Australia’s game in the future.

Many Cultures, One Game.  Read More ...

Social Media Safety

Thursday, July 30, 2015 - 1:43 PM

Using Social Media to promote your club is a great way to utilise new digital communication technologies, but clubs need to be sure they, and their members, are using it appropriately. 

Staying safe online and especially on social media, has never been a bigger concern for individuals and organisations alike – including local football clubs.


While social media provides excellent tools for helping your club engage with members and the public, it can also present a number of risks such as:

  • Cyber bullying- through posts which are upsetting to people and often inaccurate
  • Causing offence to individuals, or other clubs and organisations
  • Exposure to inappropriate content, or nasty comments and pictures

WA Football Social Media Policy

The Internet and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) devices / equipment bring great benefits to all users and can contribute to the effective operation of the organisation and its members through the ability to disseminate information, the ability to promote the sport and clubs and to provide members with the ability to connect with others within the organisation.

The West Australian Football Commission (WAFC) has an obligation to ensure that affiliated clubs maintain a safe physical and emotional environment for its members and this includes cyber safety and the safe and responsible use of ICT.

Individual members also have a responsibility to use ICT in a safe and responsible way. Junior

Football stakeholders including clubs and its members will create a cybersafe environment by:  

  • Using the organisation’s name, motto, crest and/or logo only in an appropriate way in line with the organisation’s guidelines,
  • Using the organisation or affiliated club’s websites to provide information about competitions, committees, policies, rules, social events or other important sport related issues,
  • Using SMS and/or email by officials, managers, coaches etc to communicate organisation business and organisation sanctioned social events (via parents in the case of juniors),
  • Using the organisation or affiliated clubs social network pages to promote positive organisation news and events(with permission obtained from featured individual(s) and via parents for juniors),
  • Ensuring content of posts or electronic communication doesn’t breach any organisation policies or codes of conduct,
  • Ensuring content of posts or electronic communication doesn’t breach state or commonwealth law. This includes not engaging in ‘sexting’ where a member sends or is in possession of an inappropriate sexualised image of a person under the age of 18 years – this is a criminal offence in WA and the Police will be informed immediately,
  • Not engaging in cyber bullying, including but not limited to:
    • harassing, teasing, intimidating or threatening another person via electronic means,
    • sending or posting inappropriate digital pictures or images, email / instant / phone / text messages, or website postings (including social network sites ie Facebook or blogs) and is irrespective of whether the page could be viewed by the wider public or not,
  • Members will remain responsible for and be vigilant of the content and security of their individual accounts such as email, social networking (ie Facebook), micro blogging (ie Twitter), video sharing (ie YouTube), picture sharing (ie Instagram) and mobile phones.

The West Australian Football Commission and Junior Clubs take any breaches of the policy seriously. Any person (including, but not limited to, players, officials, coaches, members, umpires, spectators, and parents) or clubs who breached this policy can be called before the controlling bodies tribunal under By-Law 45.7 and can be charged for ‘misconduct of a serious nature’.

DEFINITIONS: ‘The organisation’ refers to the West Australian Football Commission and to Junior Football Clubs.

‘Members’ refers to administrators, clubs, club members, coaches, officials, registered players, sponsors, support personnel, spectators, parents and umpires. 

Game On for Whitford JFC and Fair Game

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - 4:33 PM

Game On!

The footy season for many kids in communities around WA is looking a whole lot brighter thanks to the initiative of non-profit organisation Fair Game, and the generosity of the Whitford Junior Football Club.

A call for donations quickly saw an avalanche of offerings from both the club and its members. Over 100 pairs of pre-loved boots and some 300 footballs will make their way to mainly indigenous and migrant communities where the most basic sports equipment might be lacking, but where energy is boundless. A wide range of sports equipment and clothing completed the donation from Whitford Junior Football.

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Finalists announced for Woolworths AFL School Ambassador Awards

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - 4:22 PM

Western Australia’s top Woolworths AFL School Ambassadors will be recognised at a gala dinner at Domain Stadium this Thursday, July 30.

Awards will be presented for the most outstanding service as an AFL School Ambassador, Primary and Secondary School Ambassador, Outstanding Female AFL Program, Multicultural AFL Program, Indigenous AFL Program and Most Outstanding First Year AFL Ambassador.

West Australian Football Commission Education Manager, Sharon Wilson, said she was thrilled with the high quality of nominations and congratulated all of the category finalists.

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Footy Fundamentals: Term 3 & 4 Registrations Open

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 5:39 PM
Footy Fundamentals in a football inspired fundamental movement skills program for children aged 2-5 years and is run at locations in Joondalup and Subiaco.

Footy Fundamentals is a carefully planned and structured toddler AFL program, which encourages your active toddlers to develop their fundamental movement skills in an AFL environment, using AFL equipment. 

Each week, toddlers will focus on one or a set of movement skills, and play fun team-work based games that incorporate these skills. 

Active parent involvement is required in all of our toddler AFL programs. Research has shown that active parents help support a healthy and active lifestyle for children.  Read More ...

AFCA & District Coach of the Year Nominations

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 - 11:49 AM

Nominations are now open for the AFCA Excellence in Coaching Awards for the following categories:

  •          Auskick Coach of the Year - (PP to Year 2)
  •          Modifieds Coach of the Year - (Year 3 to Year 6)
  •          Youth Coach of the Year - (Year 7 to Year 12)
  •          Senior Coach of the Year - (Colts and Seniors)
  •          Female Coach of the Year - (All ages, must be female)

Nomination Period

Nominations close on Wednesday 26th August and the winner of each award will be announced at the 2015 AFCA Awards in late September. To nominate a deserving coach please click on the below link;


Pre-requisites for each award can be found HERE

District Coaching Awards

Please be advised that the District annual coaching awards will be determined through this nomination process. To be eligible for the awards, the nomination must be made from an authorised representative of your junior football club and be endorsed by the club’s committee. The District will seek endorsement of all finalists from their respective junior clubs before deciding on the category winners. These awards will be announced and presented at the District Presentation Night at the end of the season.

For more information contact Graham Mills on 9300-3611


Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 10:58 AM

Game Sense Training – With Craig Thomas (Theory/Practical Observation Presentation)

On behalf of the West Perth Football Club & the West Perth District we are conducting an Interactive footy forum on ‘Game Sense Training’ presented by West Perth Colts Coach Craig Thomas, Wednesday July 22nd at HBF Arena.

Craig is a level 3 accredited coach, and is currently the longest serving WAFL Colts coach (5 years) and has presented Game Sense at level 2 coaching courses. Throughout the 1 hour theory/practical observation presentation Craig will discuss and cover the following:

  • What is game sense?
  • How has it evolved, Benefits of GST/How could it fit within an AFL context?
  • Components of game sense training/how to implement
  • What it looks like? Examples of game sense training activities?

On the night we will be fortunate enough to see game sense training approach implemented during the West Perth Colts training session (on ground amongst drills, participants can ask questions of players).

This is a fantastic opportunity for coaches who are looking for new training drills to keep the interest of the players throughout the long season, how to simulate drills to a game sense environment and to keep up to date with current trends and their implementation to footy. Details for the presentation are provided below.

Where: HBF Arena Auditorium, Joondalup

When: Wednesday, July 22nd

Start: 5.45pm

Any further questions please contact Graham Mills (District Development officer) on 9300 3611 or email:

Irish to descend onto HBF Arena as Gaelic Football match closes 2015 International Football Festival

Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 5:52 PM

The 2015 International Football Festival looks set to be the WAFL show-down of the year this weekend second on the ladder West Perth battle it out against top of the ladder Subiaco Lions.

With a crowd of more than 6000 expected on a day which will see the weather gods shine a sparkling green gem is set to follow the match with a Gaelic Football exhibition match set to follow the league match starting from 5.15pm.

“The match will see some of WA’s best Gaelic Footballers from across six WA’s Gaelic Football Club’s put their rivalry to the side to put on an entertaining exhibition match,” said Gaelic Football WA’s Alan Burke. “These boys are not just any players – they are some of our best.”

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Aussie Rules adopted

Thursday, June 25, 2015 - 11:57 AM

Mark Donaldson  | WANNEROO TIMES

IT takes two strong-minded parents to lead four young children on a journey to start a new life on the other side of the world.

Such was the ambition shown by English expats Ian and Claire Laverick when they moved to WA from Sunderland in October, 2008.

Almost seven years later, Perth will become home to six new Australians when the Lavericks and their children – Rachel (7), Adam (9), Katie (11) and Amy (12) – are sworn in as citizens in a special ceremony at Arena Joondalup on Saturday.

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