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2015 Falcons District Football Excellence Awards - Finalists Announced

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 12:00 AM

The 2015 Falcons District Football Excellence Awards will be held on Thursday 17th September at Joondalup Reception Centre (Boas Ave, Joondalup).

Time: 6.30pm 7.00pm - 11.00pm (Doors open 6.30pm)

Tickets and table reservations can be made by contacting your Junior Club Committee or calling Kathy Monck on 9300-3611.

Tickets are $60 each (includes canapes on arrival followed by a 2 course meal).

The night celebrates football achievements both on and off the field and provides local junior and senior clubs and their volunteers an opportunity to celebrate the season that was with football friends and colleagues. 

Football Excellence Awards include but are not limited to:

Recognition of Junior and Senior 2015 Premiers (to be advised)

2015 West Perth FC Debutante Players

Sam Rotham - Whitford JFC
Tim Sutherland - Whitford JFC
Blake Wilhelm - Wanneroo JFC

Coaching Awards

  • 2015 Auskick Coach of the Year
Jeremey Bestwick - Brighton Seahawks
Donna Field - Brighton Seahawks 
Milton Gartrell - Whitford JFC
  • 2015 Modified Coach of the Year
Paul Cox - Ocean Ridge JFC
Tom Hills - Edgewater Woodvale JFC
Scott Kounis - Quinns Districts JFC
  • 2015 Youth Coach of the Year
Heath Malkin - Wanneroo JFC
Cliff Tolson - Brighton Seahawks JFC
Paul Turner - Joondalup Kinross JFC
  • 2015 Senior Coach of the Year
Peter Barile - Whitford AFC
Paul Beaver - Joondalup Womens FC
Hamish Sturrock - Yanchep Red Hawks FC
  • 2015 Female Coach of the Year
Naomi Bowran - Wanneroo AFC / Joondalup Womens FC
Naomi Gittos - Yanchep Districts JFC
Chris Leonard - Joondalup Womens FC

Umpire of the Year (to be advised)

Parent Umpire of the Year

Darlene Dale - Quinns Districts JFC
Shane Goggin - Ocean Ridge JFC
Jimmy Kouros - Wanneroo JFC

School Ambassador Finalists

Peita Pearce - Carramar Primary School  (Outstanding First Year Ambassador)
Paul Batskos - Eddystione Primary School (Outstanding Multicultural AFL program)
Scott Minchin - Wanneroo Secondary College (Outstanding First Year Ambassador)

Volunteer Awards

Tanya Couch - Quinns Districts JFC
Darren Eiffler - Quinns Bulls FC
Sharon Kenney - Djinda Falcons
Natalie Sharman - West Perth JCC/DFDC
Sue White - Wanneroo AFC

Club Awards

  • 2015 Junior Club of the Year
Brighton Seahawks JFC
Edgewater Woodvale JFC
Joondalup Kinross JFC
Ocean Ridge JFC
Quinns Districts JFC
Wanneroo JFC
Whitford JFC
Yanchep Districts JFC
  • 2015 Senior Club of the Year
Alkimos Seahawks FC
Joondalup Womens FC
Northern Warriors Veterans FC
Ocean Ridge AFC
Quinns AFC
Wanneroo AFC
Whitford AFC
Yanchep Red Hawks FC


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