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Feeling Great, Kicking Straight: Live Life Ambassador Course

Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 3:51 PM

Coaches and volunteers in football are in a unique position where they have regular contact with youth and are often role models for their players.  As a result they are in a position to impact on a young person and look out for them if they are going through a tough period. 

The two hour Live Life Ambassador session gives coaches and volunteers the ability to recognize if someone is showing signs of mental health issues and know how to approach the person along with where to direct them for help.  

Session Outline 

  • What is mental illness?
  • What is anxiety and depression?
  • Identifying the Signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in young people
  • How to get help –professional supports.  

Seminar Details 

Cost: FREE

Length: 2 hours

What you get: A seminar workbook     

Date Venue Details  : 25th May HBF Arena, Joondalup 6pm – 8pm

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