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Matt's on the ball: Falcons District welcomes new team member

Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 3:42 PM

The Falcons District is pleased to welcome Matthew (Matt) Debarro to the team as Community Development Assistant.

Matt grew up in and around the world of sport. From a young age he was playing both soccer and football at local club level. Matt chose the soccer path as an athlete however praises Gavin Bell, former West Perth Footballer for keeping his football passion alive through school football programs. Matt has a passion for coaching and is currently involved with Wanneroo City Football Club.

Prior to joining the Falcons District Matt was running his own business as a tradesman, however due to old sporting injuries had to give it away.

His many years’ experience in coaching both senior and junior soccer and combined with a love for sport and working with children and the community has seen him transition into his new role with gusto and we are delighted to work with him as he starts his professional sporting pathway.

Matt is currently running Primary School Football Programs, After School Auskick Centres and Community Football Programs. 

Welcome Matt.