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Level 1 Coach Accreditations

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 11:48 AM

Level 1 Coaching Course

The West Australian Football Commission (WAFC) offers a range of courses to coaches throughout Western Australia to ensure 100% of coach accreditation requirements are met. The courses are easily accessible as they are delivered across the state through a variety of delivery methods. The courses are delivered by our District and Regional Development Staff, with the assistance of WAFL Coaches and experienced grass roots coaches.

Level 1 Coaching Courses

It is a minimum requirement that all coaches are accredited as a Level 1 Coach at the appropriate level.  All coaches who do not have a current accreditation or have an accreditation that expired more than 24 months ago must attend an appropriate Level 1 course.  The four levels are as follows;

·        Auskick (PP – Year 2)

·        Junior (Year 3 – Year 6)

·        Youth (Year 7 – Year 12)

·        Senior (Colts, Reserves and League)

All courses are competency based course whereby the coach must prove they are capable of conducting and communicating the basics of the game to players of different ages.

Level 1 Courses are 1 day in length with some online components required as a pre-requisite. The courses cost $165 and include;

·        Four Year coach accreditation

·        Course Booklet

·        Coaching Manual

·        Coaching Resource

·        Lunch

·        Certificate and AFL Coaches Card

·        Fortnightly AFL Community Newsletter

·        Four Year Australian Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Membership which includes;

                  i.          Annual pass to all WAFL games (except finals)

                  ii.          AFCA Member Lanyard

                  iii.          Free Access to all AFCA Coaching Seminars

                  iv.          Access to exclusive AFCA events

                  v.          Discounted AFCA Merchandise

                  vi.          Discounted Coaching Resources

                  vii.          AFCA Newsletter



To date in 2015 the WAFC have conducted the following:

7 x Level 1 Auskick Accreditation Courses

6 x Level 1 Junior Accreditation Courses

5 x Level 1 Youth Accreditation Courses

2 x Level 1 Senior Accreditation Courses

1 x Female Specific Level 1 Accreditation Course




Level 1 Auskick at Donnybrook
Sunday 10th May 2015 10:00am
Marmion Street, Donnybrook

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Level 1 Auskick at Fremantle Oval ***6 May & 13 May***
Wednesday 6th May 2015 6:00pm
Fremantle Oval, Fremantle

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Level 1 Junior at Donnybrook
Sunday 10th May 2015 10:00am
Marmion Street

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Level 1 Senior at Claremont Showgrounds ***8th June & 15th June***
Monday 8th June 2015 6:30pm
Members Lounge, Claremont Showgrounds

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Level 1 Youth at Claremont Showgrounds ***8th June & 15th June***
Monday 8th June 2015 6:30pm
Members Lounge, Claremont Showgrounds