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Celebrating District Dreaming Round

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 3:43 PM

Across the weekend of June 21st - 23rd, numerous clubs within the West Perth District celebrated District Dreaming round. 

District Dreaming Round is a celebration of Indigenous Culture and an acknowledgement of the contributions from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians to our great game of Australian Rules football. District Dreaming Round is also an opportunity to continue reinforcement of positive game environments, provide a history of aboriginal culture, and an opportunity to integrate the community through football.

Formally District Dreamtime, the round was celebrated by Brighton JFC having a specially designed set of jumpers worn by teams, based on a painting by local Aboriginal artist, Richard Websdale with a theme of 'fly as one' and telling a story of unity and family. The Seahawks wings are designed to create the unity of the Brighton Seahawks JFC and the local community families. Games were hosted at Leatherback Oval and Kingsbridge oval across the weekend by Brighton JFC, with a welcome to country provided.

The Joondalup Kinross Jets JFC Year 8 boys team had specially designed jerseys to show their respect in recognising the round as well. The club extended the invite to the extended football community in joining them at their games across the weekend at Windermere Park to celebrate the round.