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West Perth District Appoints New Coaching Advisor

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 1:07 PM

The West Perth District would like to welcome Alan Persic to the team.

Alan will be joining us as a Coach Advisor.

The Coach Advisor's role is to assist in coach education and mentoring within the region. Alan will predominantly be out and about on Game Day assisting coaches with anything that they require and offering advice. Alan has also expressed interest to assisting with education sessions. His knowledge and experience will be extremely beneficial to all with in the District.

Alan has an impressive coaching resume which includes almost 10 years at West Perth FC, Head Coach/Assistant Coach and committee experience at 3 WAAFL clubs, as well as experience at high school football coaching.

Alan is keen to get back to the junior community level, to assist coaches in the retention of their players as well as helping coaches find new and exciting ways to keep their players of all level engaged.

Welcome Alan.