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Strength & Conditioning Workshops for Teens

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 3:11 PM

Are you interested in strength training and would like to increase your performance but aren’t sure of what to do or afraid of injuring yourself? If you answered yes, then why not attend our school holiday “Strength & Conditioning for Teens” program for athletes wishing to enhance their performance and reduce injury risk, led by West Perth’s Head of Strength & Conditioning Craig Soley.

We asked Craig a few questions regarding the program:

Who can attend the program?
“The program is open to boys and girls of any sport and is appropriate for novices through advanced athletes”.

How did you come about this initiative Craig?
“I assess and treat a lot of kids at my physiotherapy practice and it surprises me how many kids and young adults, some even on junior elite programs, cannot master the basic movement patterns fundamental to all sports. Mastering the fundamentals will improve performance, reduce injury risk and help keep your kids active, healthy and happy”.

What can we expect from the classes?
Participants will be taught how to warm up effectively, develop agility and coordination skills, work on core exercises and be safely exposed to strength exercises for athletic performance under my direct supervision. They will also be provided with handouts and a link to videos which they can refer back to. This is the same approach I use with my adult athletes but tailored for teens”.

Dates and details provided below:
? Start Date: 5th July
? Finish Date: 14th July
? Days: Tuesday & Thursday
? Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm
? Where: West Perth FC, HBF Arena, Joondalup
? Cost: $80 (Four sessions) or $25 each session

Enrolments are essential and places are limited.