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Kicking Course for Coaches (Level 1)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 10:20 AM

With Andrew Lockyer
Want to improve your player’s kicking? You can learn how from one of the best development coaches in the business.  The Kicking Course is aimed at providing the community coach with the analysis techniques, technology and understanding to help their players achieve their potential.

The Kicking Short Course for Coaches will improve the coach’s knowledge on how to observe and identify kicking skill deficiencies. A coach will then be able to implement drills than can help improve kicking skill sets for players.
Course Details
Cost: $65
Length: 3 hours
What you get: A course book resource and a Level 1 Kicking accreditation
NOTE: Each course has limited positions to maximise the learning environment. 





Thursday, 28th April

Ellenbrook District Open Space, Ellenbrook


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Monday, 18th July

Orelia Oval, Orelia


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Wednesday, 20th July

City Beach Oval, City Beach


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